Our Policies

Welcome to GPG's Policies, where our commitment to positively impacting the world around us comes to life.

Our driving force is to build brighter futures for our valued people, customers, partners, and communities. With an ambitious goal to become the first Irish paints company and the second in Europe to achieve B Corporation certification by 2025, we see an exceptional opportunity to lead the transformation of the paints industry and contribute to a sustainable future.

Join us on this journey of purpose and progress as we unveil our comprehensive policies that reflect our unwavering commitment to sustainability, quality, and positive impact.


GPG’s environmental policy outlines our commitment to 8 broad objectives and 46 specific targets to manage all natural resources sustainably across our value chain, protect the environment, and prevent pollution in line with the requirements of ISO14001:2015. Our commitments range from complying with all local environmental regulations around waste management and health and safety to prioritising the preservation of scarce water resources by managing wastewater from production more effectively and implementing a closed-loop water recycling system.


GPG’s Supplier code of conduct highlights our commitment to sourcing quality materials sustainably by collaborating with suppliers who share our values and commitment to sustainable development, as well as our expectations of existing suppliers around upholding high standards of social, environmental, and ethical practices. Our suppliers are expected to not only adhere to local labour laws but must also continuously strive to minimise their own environmental footprint through sourcing materials sustainably and practicing responsible waste disposal practices.


GPG’s Sustainable procurement policy outlines our commitment to setting high ethical, social, and ecological standards in our own operations, abiding by quality assurance and risk minimization principles that are anchored in our procurement processes, and working in partnership with all our stakeholders including our suppliers to raise the ethical, social, and ecological standards across our value chain. To support this commitment, we will implement new processes in procurement and supply chain management to integrate these standards into procurement decisions and encourage internal management efforts to train employees and suppliers on our supplier code of conduct and its implications for our business.


GPG’s Community Policy includes a formal commitment to donate 1% of our annual turnover to charitable, community, and sustainability initiatives that align with our core values. Our workers and customers can select charities to receive our company’s donations and staff can provide input into the charities we support. Our three main areas of focus within which proposals will be considered will be:


  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
  • Learning & Development
  • Creativity & Culture


Employees or external organisations can submit a proposal for consideration by our Community Steering Committee by emailing community@generalpaints.ie with details including the charity, amount requested, and impact. Submissions will be reviewed quarterly.


GPG is committed to respect, integrity, fairness, and transparency in all its dealings. Wherever we operate, we ensure that our business is conducted and managed effectively, efficiently, and objectively in the interest of our employees, customers, and business associates, in a manner consistent with the highest professional standards of accountability and responsibility and in accordance with the law.


Our employees must respect the principle of non-discrimination and equal treatment for all customers and colleagues and have a duty to deal with them with diligence, impartiality, courtesy, consideration, and promptness.


As a company, GPG do not make any financial or in-kind contributions to political parties, politicians, or lobby groups.  Any donations to charitable organisations are covered by our Community Policy.


Contact us if you require a copy of our code of ethics.


GPG’s new annual DEI survey will help capture and address any inequalities in opportunities that may exist based on our employees’ demographic characteristics and aim to work towards creating a truly inclusive culture where every employee can thrive and feel like they belong irrespective of their background or beliefs. The survey provides our employees with an opportunity to also provide us with feedback on their experiences working in the company as well as suggestions on how GPG could improve our working environment for all.